Thursday, March 19, 2009

2009 Gallery Calendar + June to December

Sunday, June 14th, 3 to 6 pm

Corazon de Dahlia Benefit Auction Art, Pottery, Crafts, and more!
Together we can open a home for street children in Cusco, Peru
Participating artists:
Alicia Belo, Shash Broxson, Carl, Elena Davicino,
Ana Laura Gonzalez, Lola Kalman, Meadow,
Basha Ruth Nelson, Elisa Pritzker, Dahlia Rissman,
Garry Rissman, Randall Rissman, Nanette Shapiro,
Julia Santos Solomon, Gabriel Zimmer and many others.
Donations accepted. Contact the gallery for more info.
FREE / open to the general public
More info on Corazon de Dahlia:

Saturdays in July . 2 to 5 pm

Art on view by:
Alicia Belo
Elena Davicino
Ana Laura Gonzalez
Gurmi Lama
Elisa Pritzker

Main Gallery:

Reflections from a Dutch Artist
works by Greta Cune
Lobby Gallery:
Michael Asbill
Joanne Klein
September 1 to 30
Saturday, Sep. 12 - 4 to 7 pm
Greta is one of 10 visiting Dutch artists participation
in the Hudson River 400 Arts Celebration:
Where History Meets the Arts

Heads and Tails
Artists/Gallery Directors: Two Paths, One Passion
Nov 1 to 30
Saturday, Nov. 7 - 4 to 7 pm
Stuart Bigley + Unison Gallery
Evonne M. Davis + City Without Walls & Gallery Aferro
George Donskoj + Donskoj & Co.
Nancy Donskoj + Donskoj & Co.
Barbara Esmark + Be Gallery
Joyce Pommer + Franklin 54 Gallery + Projects
Elisa Pritzker + Pritzker gallery
Carl Van Brunt + Van Brunt Gallery
Christina Varga + Varga Gallery

Lights & Cheers . Holiday celebration and conversation
Arts, books, high-end crafts, fine jewelry and one-of-kind gifts