Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cast Off-Industrial Arch Room / March 15-30

“Cast Off-Industrial Arch Room"
by artists Meadow and Elisa Pritzker
Photo credit: Enrique Rob Lunski / Elisa Pritzker
Model on view at the gallery from March 15 to 30, 2009
By appointments: 845-691-5506 / pritzkerstudio@aol.com
FREE / open to the general public
The piece derives from Meadow’s Green Wood Spirits Series
and Elisa Pritzker's Nature versus Technology installations.
This is a model of a larger piece that the overall structure
will resemble a large outline arch passageway and square
room built from natural and recycled twigs or tree saplings.
Additional branches will be laid across the top providing
a structure to support the cast-off wires and cables and re-used CDs.
The viewer’s attention is drawn to the beauty and simplicity
of thenatural lines of the strong outside structure by wrapping
them with thousands of miniature lights. Lighting is an important
element in the piece; casting dramatic shadowson the landscape,
silhouetting the powerfulness of the form andreflecting on the CD’s
as they revolve in the wind, producing rainbowsand color flashes
that resemble a cosmic sunset. The cast-off wires and cables
individually hung down in even rows from the overhead branches
create pathways from former industrial production. They were
collected from years of computer users, old equipments, and
bygone electronics that focus attention on the wasted resources
thrown away on a daily basis.
The viewer is drawn to the charming quality and uniqueness of the
wires themselves as the playfully dance ever waiting instruction
to perform their intended tasks of yesteryear.
Through the “Cast Off-Industrial Arch Room” installation the
intention is to evoke the industrial era by re-using supplies produced
by the early manufacturing companies. At the same time, to establish
the creative potential and richness of cast-off materials and natural
resources forworks of art.